What's your color style?

Your color style is Seek

Leave the itinerary to the faint of heart and explore a color-rich palette that conjures up unscripted adventures to global destinations.

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  • Cinder Stone 419-2DB
  • Harvested Moon 210-5DB
  • Beyond Earth 318-4DB
  • Mariana Blue 334-7DB
  • Old Chaparral 402-7DB
  • French Custard 315-1DB
  • Olive Moss 322-7DB
  • Red Farmhouse 305-7DB
  • Sweetened Tea 314-5DB
  • Desert Varnish 312-6DB
  • North Haven 334-4DB
  • Daphne Rose 305-6DB
  • Cowboy Boots 413-5DB
  • Antiqued Fuchsia 246-7DB
  • Exotic Yellow 120-6DB
  • Cliff Face 422-3DB

Your color style is Devote

Create intimate spaces with a feel-good palette that evokes a warm welcome, every time.

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  • Greywood 423-3DB
  • Toasted Yellow 113-3DB
  • Gayle's Rouge 304-7DB
  • Tempest Wind 431-2DB
  • Star Gazing 238-6DB
  • Dusty Durango 410-5DB
  • Washed Cotton 014W
  • Ship's Anchor 437-6DB
  • Sugar Scrub 419-1DB
  • Heuchera Leaf 323-5DB
  • Quarry Lane 442-4DB
  • Cork Board 318-5DB
  • Khaki-ed 419-4DB
  • Quiet Breeze 428-3DB
  • Allium Poofs 345-5DB
  • Monk's Robe 405-5DB

Your color style is Express

Show the world your eye for color and express your personality with a playful palette of spirited hues.

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  • Rochester Gray 429-2DB
  • Lustrous Blue 339-5DB
  • Sweet Bee 115-4DB
  • Ship Shape Blue 137-6DB
  • Praying Mantis 223-4DB
  • Urchin Shell 220-3DB
  • Luscious Scarlett 105-7DB
  • Shelled White 008W
  • Promenade Gray 422-4DB
  • Curried Orange 211-7DB
  • Moon Beam 438-2DB
  • Carmela Coral 104-5DB
  • Exotic Melon 107-6DB
  • Yellowed Green 225-6DB
  • Teal Seaglass 131-3DB
  • Westwood 414-2DB

Your color style is Daydream

Create an ethereal, dreamy space with color-tinged lights that speak to your softer side.

View associated room scenes.

  • Silver Shores 430-2DB
  • Sandstone Quarry 408-2DB
  • Pink Floss 106-1DB
  • Salty Air 335-1DB
  • Bluffwood 405-2DB
  • Grayed Wolf 426-3DB
  • Worn Pages 016W
  • Dust Flats 414-1DB
  • White Rapids 425-1DB
  • Malted Milkshake 402-1DB
  • Cotton Wood 412-1DB
  • Misted Mauve 446-1DB
  • Fluttering Blue 428-2DB
  • Hennepin Stone 407-3DB
  • Mortar and Pestle 406-3DB
  • Trout Gray 426-4DB

Your color style is Dare

Not for the color shy, this daring palette gives new meaning to making a bold statement.

View associated room scenes.

  • Ribbon Blue 237-7DB
  • Lite Moscato 221-1DB
  • Urban Zen 228-4DB
  • Zephyr Breeze 422-1DB
  • Dorothy's Slippers 107-7DB
  • Anchored Blue 434-7DB
  • Inky Blue 241-7DB
  • Today's Catch 135-6DB
  • Garden Stone 437-2DB
  • Jonagold Apple 219-6DB
  • Corallize 204-4DB
  • Steely Expression 435-6DB
  • Warmed Yellow 115-5DB
  • Strawberry Sorbet 203-6DB
  • Indi-blue 141-6DB
  • Jovial Orange 112-4DB

Your color style is Reflect

As modern as they are timeless, these “classics with a twist” bring a harmonious sensibility to any room.

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  • Sultry Gray 442-3DB
  • Silvered Cloud 426-2DB
  • Centuryed Gray 442-2DB
  • Weatherworn Gray 437-3DB
  • Elephant Trunk 436-3DB
  • Worn Greige 441-4DB
  • Fair-Minded Gray 438-3DB
  • Rhino-ed Gray 440-2DB
  • Comfortable Gray 443-2DB
  • Ironed Gray 436-4DB
  • Mousey Tint 441-1DB
  • Aged Mercury 442-5DB
  • Misted Silver 445-1DB
  • Grayed Pebble 441-3DB
  • Doves Wings 443-1DB
  • Silvery Gray 436-2DB

Your color style is Treasure

Turn back the clock to an era of burnished golds and muted jewel tones for an unexpected color canvas that adds richness to any setting.

View associated room scenes.

  • Weathered Rock 440-5DB
  • Hound Brown 314-7DB
  • Purple Beech 347-6DB
  • Sweet Dream 212-2DB
  • Beluga Gray 430-1DB
  • Translucent 231-3DB
  • Algae Bloom 221-6DB
  • Seabrook 338-4DB
  • Mystic Yellow 219-7DB
  • Wood Smoke 418-2DB
  • Zinc-ed 426-7DB
  • Mineralized Jade 230-5DB
  • Smoked Copper 306-5DB
  • Petrol Blue 234-7DB
  • Flutter By 403-2DB
  • Antiquated Lace 017W

Your color style is Discover

Invite your passion for discovery indoors with nature-inspired colors that hint at your next big adventure.

View associated room scenes.

  • Tender Cloud 023W
  • Shorebird 417-1DB
  • Shale Ridge 421-3DB
  • Porcelain Slip 423-1DB
  • Flint Stone 433-5DB
  • Rustic Blue 430-4DB
  • Foggy Gray 424-2DB
  • Gunmetal Green 321-7DB
  • Seafoam Bubbles 424-1DB
  • Silvered Sage 427-3DB
  • Tuscan Olive 324-7DB
  • Perfect Beige 415-4DB
  • Ocean's Depth 337-7DB
  • Antiquated Brass 317-7DB
  • Classical Ivory 013W
  • Cliff Face 422-3DB

Your color style is Renew

Wrap yourself in restorative, softly restrained color for an overall sense of wellness.

View associated room scenes.

  • Coastal Mist 427-1DB
  • Chalky Purple 345-1DB
  • Platinum Fog 433-1DB
  • Blue Wood Aster 243-1DB
  • Baltic Gray 437-1DB
  • Warmed Silver 440-1DB
  • Whistler 428-1DB
  • Pebble Shores 408-1DB
  • Moonlit Walk 434-1DB
  • Grass Cloth 224-1DB
  • Vapor 438-1DB
  • Dreamy Blue 338-1DB
  • Lil' Snowflake 139-1DB
  • Silvered Pearl 446-2DB
  • Cooled Breeze 136-1DB
  • Double Cream 215-1DB

1. Pick Your Dream Home:

2. Which pattern do you like?

3. What's your ideal way to spend a day off?

4. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

5. What's your favorite home accessory?

6. What type of music do you like to listen to on your way home?

7. What type of mood would you like to create for your room?

8. Which best describes you?