Block Filler

Block Filler

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Dutch Boy® Block Filler smooths and levels rough, porous masonry.

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  • Dutch Boy® Step One® primers/sealers are an essential first step to a perfect finish
  • Bridges cracks to even out surface imperfections
  • Good flexibility and elasticity
  • For above-grade masonry only
  • For concrete block, stucco and other porous masonry
  • Topcoat with latex or alkyd paints

Size: 5 Gallon

Warranty: Satisfaction Guarantee Limited Warranty

Dry Time: 1 hour to touch; 18 hours to recoat

Coverage: 125 sq. ft./gallon depending on surface texture and porosity

Cleanup: Soap and Water

Recommended Applicators: Brush, roller, or airless sprayer.

Use on interior or exterior above-grade unpainted porous masonry, concrete, cement and flat surfaced concrete block.