How To Paint A Wall

A woman uses a hand sander to sand and smooth drywall.

Step 1 – Prep the Walls

The right preparation gives you a smooth, clean finish. You’ll want to clean the surface, prime, make any repairs and sand the walls.

A woman kneels as she applies green paint to a wall above a baseboard using a paintbrush.

Step 2 – Cutting In

When painting along the trim and under ceilings, use an angled bush to get into areas that a roller can't reach. The technique is called “cutting in.” 

Woman kneels on floor, pouring green paint from a can into a paint tray, on top of a tarp.

Step 3 – Let’s Roll

A roller is typically better than a brush for walls and other large surface areas. Use the correct type of roller cover for the type of paint you're using.

 A woman applies green paint to a white wall with a paint roller.

Step 4 – Learn the Technique

In an area about 3’ x 3’, roll on paint in the shape of an N, from bottom left to top right. Fill the center horizontally, then lightly smooth with vertical strokes.

A woman walks along an interior baseboard as she removes painter’s tape from a freshly painted wall.

Step 5 – Remove Tape

Painter's tape keeps paint off trim and gives clean, straight paint lines. Press down well along tape edge so paint won’t bleed. Remove tape before paint dries. 

A woman sits in a cozy white accent chair next to a woven side table, reading in her newly painted room.

Step 6 – Enjoy Your Space

Kick back and admire your new room! Make sure walls and trim are dry before moving furniture back against the freshly painted surfaces.

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One-Coat Confidence

One-Coat Confidence

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One-gallon cans of Dutch Boy Platinum Plus and Dutch Boy Maxbond Plus.
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Woman kneels on floor with a paint roller and tray, on top of a tarp. She opens a one-gallon can of Platinum Plus.
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 Overhead shot of paint cans, painter’s tape, paintbrushes, tray and roller on a paint tarp.
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