Our Award Winning Twist & Pour Container

A one-gallon can of paint is held by the handle.
Easy to Hold

Integrated handle makes it easy to carry and handle.

A one-gallon can of paint is held by the handle with one hand and the top is twisted by the other hand.
Easy to Open

Screw-on lid eliminates the hassle of opening and closing the container.

A one-gallon can of paint is held by the handle, pouring out yellow paint.
Easy to Pour

Built-in spout makes pouring paint easy, while minimizing spills and messes.

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Project Ideas

Bedroom, king bed with a paint-on headboard in the color luscious scarlet, trimmed in the color teal seagrass. Rest of wall painted carmela coral.

Beauty Sleep

Paint-On Headboard

No headboard? No problem. Here’s a simple way to add one with paint.

Large, Santa Fe style living space, with an arched doorway opening to a living room. Walls painted exotic yellow.

Bright of Passage

Dramatic Entry

Add drama to interior door openings with bands of contrasting color.

A color-blocked accent wall with framed album colors and painted background squares in six colors.

Greatest Hits

Color Block Accent Wall

Create an album cover-style gallery with painted background squares.