Platinum Plus

For every oops, every uh-oh, every oh no, and life’s stickiest situations. Platinum® Plus-expertly formulated with advanced stain-shield technology for exceptional stain resistance, washability, and incredible scrubbability.

Stain-Shield Technology

Provides exceptional stain-resistance and washability for life’s stickiest situations.

Extreme Hide and Stain Blocking

Delivers one-coat hide in over 700 Dutch Boy® colors and blocks stubborn stains.

Paint + Primer

Saves you time, so you can get back to life’s most meaningful moments.

No Prep, No Prime Formula

Allows the paint to be applied to most uncoated surfaces or over sound, non-peeling, previously painted or glossy surfaces, without the need to sand or prime.

GREENGUARD® Gold Certification

GREENGUARD® certified products are certified to GREENGUARD® standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. Learn more about GreenGuard®.

Up to 50% More* Washable and stain-Resistant Than a Leading Premium Paint and  as Washable and Stain-Resistant as a Leading Super-Premium Paint

*In satin sheen. Superiority ranges from 24%-50%, depending on the sheen selected.
Panels demonstrate how each paint performs when rinsed with water (left one-third of panels) versus when wiped with a soft sponge and using a mild household cleaner (right two-thirds of panels). Platinum® Plus outperforms a leading premium paint competitor and is as good as a higher-priced, super-premium paint competitor.