Bedroom, king bed with a paint-on headboard in the color luscious scarlet, trimmed in the color teal seagrass. Rest of wall painted carmela coral.

Beauty Sleep

Paint-On Headboard

No headboard? No problem. Here’s a simple way to add one with paint.

Large, Santa Fe style living space, with an arched doorway opening to a living room. Walls painted exotic yellow.

Bright of Passage

Dramatic Entry

Add drama to interior door openings with bands of contrasting color.

A color-blocked accent wall with framed album colors and painted background squares in six colors.

Greatest Hits

Color Block Accent Wall

Create an album cover-style gallery with painted background squares.

A dining room with furniture and accents has a striped accent wall painted the colors charcoal black and dusky grey.

Showstopping Stripes

Striped Accent Wall

Skip the wallpaper! Use paint to create a showstopping wall of stripes.

Corner walls of a child’s playroom. One wall is painted botanic green, another wall is painted a buffalo check plaid pattern.

Check, Please

Buffalo Checks

Try this painting project to achieve the look of a plaid wall pattern.

Living room with wild orange walls, a window with a misty mountain view and cozy chaise lounge with side table.

Follow the Band

Bold Wall Stripe

Add interest to a wall with a single bold horizontal stripe.

A smaller crafting room with shelving and pegboard holding multiple tools and accessories. Walls feature two hues of beige.

Think Inside the Box

Frame the Space

Give a small area more emphasis with this simple paint project.

Tall living room wall with two windows. Walls feature two colors to add a pop of contrast.

Seeing Double

Color Duo Wall

Double the fun with a two-color wall that creates a colorful backdrop.

A kitchen stove top and range in white with a green tea kettle. Backsplash is painted in a light-colored semi-gloss paint.

Make a Splash

Painted Backsplash

Give your backsplash scene-stealing luster with semi-gloss paint.

A bathroom with tile shower and windows. Wall-to-ceiling painted the color of dusky gray to make the ceiling feel high.

Raise Expectations

Perfect Painted Ceiling

It’s easy to reach new heights with wall-to-ceiling paint color.

A nursery features stenciled white clouds on a grey wall for a whimsical feel.

Up, Up & Away

Cloud Stencil Whimsy

Create dreamy walls with our free, easy-to-paint cloud stencil.

A nursery with a playful yellow polka dot pattern on a pink wall.

Dot, Dot, Dot

Playful Polka Dots

Make bedtime more fun with a free stencil for playful polka dots.

A bedroom features a stenciled geometric pattern in white on a light teal wall.

Pattern Play

Tonal Stenciling

Use our free stencil to paint a wallpaper-like pattern in two colors.

Hallway painted silvery gray has a gallery of unique shaped empty picture frames, painted in the same color silvery gray.

Blank Beauties

Frame Gallery

Easy instructions turn empty picture frames into painted artwork.

A wood bench with a pillow sits in a bright entryway, a potted plat adjacent to it.

All Together Now

Entryway Makeover

Wood strips and wall hooks turn a wall into a hardworking entryway.

A giant wall clock with the color sunlit gold as the background color.

Quality Time

Wall Clock Spotlight

Create a giant wall clock with paint and these simple instructions.

Mudroom with coats hanging on hooks and retro gas station signage with a brown colored wall and white wainscotting.

Off the Hook

DIY Wainscot

Design a kid’s storage corner with these DIY instructions.

Mudroom with coats hanging on hooks and a window shutter organizer. The wall is painted in the color ground coffee.

Keep You Posted

Window Shutter Organizer

Create your own unique and versatile wall organizer.

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