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Add flavor

Transform your space in a weekend with these easy paint and home décor projects.Watch the video and find everything you need to complete your makeover below.

Colors so rich.

Consider one of these hand selected Dutch Boy kitchen color combinations

Muslin Cloth 315-3DB
Aran Isle 421-5DB
Antique White 011W
Barely Beige 316-1DB
Whale's Tail 430-6DB
Turning Leaves 317-4DB
Olive You! 325-5DB
Baltic Gray 437-1DB
Elephant Trunk 436-3DB
Comforting Neutral 440-6DB
Antiquated Lace 017W
Native Copper 208-4DB
Vanilla Crème 314-3DB
Smoked Copper 306-5DB
Antiquated Olive 424-6DB
Fluttering Blue 428-2DB
Orange Sherbet 112-2DB
Spring Bud Green 225-2DB

Add Flavor.

Walls: Native Copper 208-4DB
Cabinets: Comforting Neutral 440-6DB
Backsplash, Island and Trim: Antiquated Lace 017W

Add a little zest to your kitchen.


Make a splash

Give your backsplash scene-stealing luster with a stunning (and scrubbable!) semi-gloss finish that serves up equal parts polish and practicality.

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Treasure your island

Create your own kitchen paradise by painting your island a fresh new hue. For a cohesive look, try it in the same color you select for your backsplash.

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Update your space with these custom details.

Get a handle

Keep cabinets looking current by replacing dated hardware with attractive new knobs and sleek drawer pulls.

Go with the flow

Land a whole new look in one easy upgrade. Give your sink the spotlight with a statement faucet.