Peace and quiet can be both seen and heard.

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Dream Big

Transform your space in a weekend with these easy paint and home décor projects.Watch the video and find everything you need to complete your makeover below.

Peace comes in many colors.

Consider one of these hand selected Dutch Boy bedroom color combinations

Brambled Green 224-2DB
Ocean's Depth 337-7DB
Gulf Coast Green 332-5DB
Sultry Gray 442-3DB
Doves Wings 443-1DB
Crisped White 022W
Promising Gray 439-4DB
Urchin Shell 220-3DB
Algae Bloom 221-6DB
Constellations 242-7DB
Sandstone Tint 441-2DB
Ultra White 002W
Mariana Blue 334-7DB
Eccentric Ecru 320-2DB
Silvery Gray 436-2DB
Cowboy Boots 413-5DB
Relaxing Rain 334-2DB
Almond Milk 413-1DB

Dream Big.

Left Wall: Urchin Shell 220-3DB
Right Wall: Promising Gray 439-4DB

End your day with tranquility.


Rethink your wardrobe

Dress up your everyday routine by painting your closet interior a vibrant contrast color that gives your outfits a room of their own.

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More to adore

Discover a door's full potential by converting it into a headboard topped with decorative molding and painted to enhance your décor.

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Update your space with these custom details.

Sleep tight

Master the lost art of sleeping in with sunlight-blocking blackout shades that help to regulate the temperature.

Take the floor

Create a cozy oasis and add instant warmth with a throw rug that throws down plenty of graphic impact.