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One-gallon can of Dutch Boy Platinum Plus Cabinet, Door & Trim, Satin.

Dutch Boy®  Cabinet, Door & Trim

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Step 1:

Prep the door by filling oversized areas, such as doorknob holes, with a piece of wood cut to size and glued into place; fill smaller holes with wood filler and the putty knife to create a smooth surface; allow to dry completely.

Step 2:

Use wood glue to adhere decorative molding to the top of the outward facing part of the door; wipe away excess glue with clean, damp cloth; insert finishing nails with the hammer every few inches; apply wood filler over nail holes.

Step 3: 

Lightly sand any rough or glossy surfaces; wipe with clean, damp cloth to remove dust or debris.

Step 4:

Using the mini woven roller, paint the outer frame; use the flat brush to paint the decorative trim and hard-to-reach areas with the first paint color; allow paint to dry 24 hours.

Step 5: 

Affix painter's tape just outside each door panel; using the flat brush, paint the recessed panels with the second color. 
Optional: Apply a second coat of paint for added coverage.

Step 6:

Remove painter's tape while paint is still damp; clean up any mistakes with the clean, damp cloth; allow paint to dry, following suggested drying time on paint can label.

Step 7: 

Install headboard.

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