Take a spa day, in your own bathroom.

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Make a Splash

Transform your space in a weekend with these easy paint and home décor projects.Watch the video and find everything you need to complete your makeover below.

Elegance is a way of life. And a color palette.

Consider one of these hand selected Dutch Boy bathroom color combinations

Cinder Stone 419-2DB
Fogged In 433-3DB
Monks Robe 405-5DB
Turquoise Powder 132-3DB
Spring Revival 123-3DB
Birched White 004W
Dusty Gray 439-3DB
Dust Flats 414-1DB
Charcoal Brick 405-7DB
Milky Quartz 346-2DB
Worn Pages 016W
Ebony Sky 438-6DB
Striations 312-1DB
Melodious Ivory 313-2DB
Twiggy Brown 412-6DB
Silver Shores 430-2DB
White 003W
Mulled Cider 313-6DB

Make A Splash.

Walls and Ceiling: Dusky Gray 439-3DB
Alcove: Charcoal Brick 405-7DB

Create your spa right down the hall.


Raise Expectations

Set the style bar high with subtle but gorgeous ceiling color that plays up vertical lines and warms up an otherwise stark space.

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Tame your towels

Give linens and towels dedicated stack-and-store space with wood shelf brackets painted to complement your closet's interior.

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Update your space with these custom details.

Go for the glow

Enhance your décor (and your reflection) with a flattering light fixture.

Update your image

Give your vanity a makeover by replacing a modest mirror with a decorative one that gets all the attention.