Buffalo Check Wall

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Dutch Boy® Platinum® Plus paint

Dutch Boy DIMENSIONS Technique Glaze

Angled paintbrush

Woven roller cover and roller frame

Mini foam roller cover and roller frame

Paint tray and liners

Mixing pail and paint stir stick

Painter's tape

Tape measure



Drop cloth

Clean, damp cloth



STEP 1: Wipe wall with the clean, damp cloth; lay down the drop cloth; affix the painter's tape to baseboards, ceiling and any molding or trim.

STEP 2: Use the angled brush to apply paint just inside the taped areas, then paint remainder of the wall with the woven roller; remove painter's tape while paint is still damp; allow paint to dry 24 hours.

STEP 3: Decide on the size and scale of the check pattern; using the tape measure and pencil, lightly make marks at each measurement interval along the bottom of the wall, starting at the center and working outward.

STEP 4: Use the level and pencil to lightly mark vertical lines the height of the wall.

STEP 5: Once the stripes are sketched, starting at one end, place a small piece of painter's tape within the stripe nearest to the corner; from there, place a piece of painter's tape inside every other stripe; the unmarked stripes are the areas in which you'll apply the paint-glaze mixture (see Step 7).

STEP 6: Affix the painter's tape along the vertical lines, making sure the edge of the tape is positioned against the outside of the lines on each side of the unmarked stripes; affix painter's tape to ceiling and trim for each stripe to be painted.

STEP 7: Mix one part paint with four parts glaze; use the mini foam roller to paint between the taped areas of unmarked stripes; use the angled brush along corners; roll as close to ceiling and trim as possible and fill in gaps with brush.

STEP 8: Remove painter's tape while paint is still damp; allow paint to dry for 24 hours.

STEP 9: Repeat steps 4 through 8 to create the horizontal stripes.

Buffalo Check Base: Grayed Pebble 441-3DB
Buffalo Check : White 003W
Right Wall: Botanic Green 229-5DB