Leave the itinerary behind and explore a color-rich palette that conjures up unscripted adventures to global destinations.


Tap into your passion for diverse cultures and the exciting design possibilities they promise. Burnished golds, Tuscan umbers and cerulean blues invite an earthy sensibility, with plenty of personality and a warm, welcoming vibe you'll love to return home to.


Layered throw rugs over a larger area rug provide an eclectic tapestry on a living room floor.


High Pile Style

Layer throw rugs over a larger area rug for a colorful, textured effect. For a more eclectic tapestry, mix and match contrasting palettes and distinctively different patterns.

A breakfast nook, beautifully styled with a modern table and strawberry fields painted bench. Walls are yellow.


Bright of Passage

Adorn a doorway with an artfully inspired color accent that adds character and the promise of a dramatic entrance.