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The bathroom is one of the most frequented areas in your home, making your choice of bathroom décor pretty important. Don't forget about this key area when considering your next home improvement project. With a few tips, you can take your bathroom from so-so to spectacular in no time at all.

Rejuvenate with paint

The quickest way to beautify your bathroom — or any area in your home — is with a fresh coat of paint. Color has a huge influence on the mood of your space, and you can instantly brighten, calm or energize your space with a few strokes of a paint brush. Dutch Boy offers hundreds of hues to help you create the perfect atmosphere, whatever your style and space. Give your washroom a tranquil look with a subdued color like Faded Mint, rejuvenate the walls with a bright Borealis Blue, or freshen up with a neutral Rudimentary Beige for a crisp, clean look. And with Arm & Hammer Odor Eliminating Technology, Dutch Boy's Refresh paint is perfect for keeping your bathroom looking and smelling great. Don't stop at the walls, either. Use Refresh to bring new life to cabinets and vanities, and don't forget to touch up the trim and molding.

Storage organization

Storing all of your toiletries, accessories and styling tools can be a challenge, but finding ways to avoid clutter is important when decorating a small room. Organization is key to a great-looking bathroom, so incorporate storage options that can add style while saving space. Rather than a traditional towel bar, try staggered wall hooks or a standing coat rack. Keep items like extra hand towels, toilet paper and cleaning supplies easily available in woven wicker baskets, and arrange counter toiletries in unused serving trays beneath the vanity or on floating shelves. Pieces of furniture found in other rooms in your home are also great for maximizing bathroom storage: end tables, shelves and dressers can be the perfect solutions to a small space.

Functional fashion

Just because your bathroom is small doesn't mean you need to sacrifice fashion for function. You can instantly bring style to the space by hanging an embroidered or textured fabric shower curtain in front of a neutral or clear shower liner. Coordinating absorbent floor mats next to the bathtub and sink will prevent water damage while bringing flair to the room. And you'll use one nearly every time you are in the room, so invest in plush towels in a variety of colors and sizes for a luxurious, coordinated look. Finally, add stylish accessories such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and tissue box covers to give your room a sophisticated look without taking up precious counter space.

Making scents

Once you've given the room a new look, appeal to the other senses and give your space a fresh, clean atmosphere. Bathrooms aren't always associated with the most agreeable odors, so an especially aromatic room will be a pleasant surprise for visitors. Whether fresh linen, clean lemon, or soothing lavender, a scent will instantly influence the atmosphere of your bathroom. And with nearly limitless options including scented candles, plug-in fresheners, potpourri and oil diffusers, you'll be sure to find something that works with your décor.


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(ARA) — First impressions are everything when it comes to selling a home, and peeling paint, stained carpets and unpleasant odors can be an instant turn-off for buyers. Fortunately, you can take simple and inexpensive steps to prep your home for a quick, top-dollar sale.

Freshen up:

Paint is an easy, cost-effective way to improve any interior, and a new coat can make all the difference in selling your home. Cracked or peeling paint will repel potential buyers, and faded or boring walls can create a lackluster overall appearance.

Make your home stand out with a fresh coat in a vibrant color, such as those found in Dutch Boy's Crayola palette. Perfect for showcasing a finished basement, kids' room or accent wall anywhere in the home, these bright shades will make any space “pop”. With 96 colors to choose from — from Marshmallow and Ice Pop, to Wild Strawberry and Inch Worm — you're sure to find a shade to help make your home memorable. And as you are updating walls with new color, use a paint that not only adds beauty but also reduces odors. Along with the exceptional coverage Dutch Boy is known for, Refresh features Arm & Hammer Odor Eliminating Technology to rid your home of unwanted odors, leaving your home smelling clean and inviting. Available for walls, trim and ceilings, use Refresh throughout the home to create a pleasant walk-through experience. Add a few scented candles or potpourri to make the home even more appealing to buyers' noses.

Little fixes

The little things can make a big difference when it comes to the appearance of your home. Many buyers are looking to make as few improvements as possible, and even tiny cosmetic repairs can seem like a huge project. The more move-in-ready your house appears, the faster it will sell, and more likely buyers will be willing to pay the asking price. Some easy fixes include replacing broken counter and floor tiles, patching holes in any surfaces, making sure all lights work properly and doors open and close smoothly.

Organize and de-personalize:

To give your home a spacious showroom feel, take time to remove any superfluous “stuff”. Show off your kitchen countertops by storing unnecessary appliances, clear the sink and dishwashing machine, and organize refrigerator contents. Keep the bathroom vanity clear of personal items, neatly fold or hang clean towels, and clear or cover clothing hampers. Organize your cupboards, closets and drawers to maximize the appearance of your home's storage capabilities.

Clearing your home of visible clutter will not only make it seem more spacious but also make it easier for potential buyers to picture it as their own. Minimize family photos and personal items to help visitors more easily see themselves — and their things — in your home.

Curb appeal

First impressions can make a world of difference, so don't neglect your home's exterior as you prepare to sell. The mailbox should be in good condition and the house number easily visible from the street. Keep exterior doors, including garage doors, free of flaking or fading paint and freshen the trim around windows and shutters. A fresh coat of paint on the front door can add to your home's curb appeal and affixing a seasonal display of flowers or a festive wreath on the front door also makes a warm, welcoming statement.

A few simple projects can vastly improve your home's overall appearance, and with these tips, your home will be sold in no time.


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Nurseries and playrooms on television and in magazines might have you thinking your child could use a more playful environment. Some of the more elaborate designs undoubtedly cost more time and money than you may want to spend, but don't let that discourage you. Creating a space your kids can call their own doesn't need to break the bank or require too much of your time. With a little creative thinking, you can transform any space into the perfect kid-friendly retreat.

Color the walls

Children are drawn to bright colors that stimulate their creativity. And, though you don't want them taking matters into their own hands when it comes to wall art, there are other great ways to create a beautifully colorful environment. With Dutch Boy's Crayola palette, a more fun and playful kids room is just a few paint strokes away. Featuring vibrant shades that match your kids' crayons, this palette offers an easy way to bring life into your child's hideaway. Whimsical colors like Inch Worm, Cream Soda, Little Princess and Tropical Rain Forest will instantly transform your child's room into a fun-filled, lively space. You don't need to stick with one shade, either. Paint an accent wall or even do custom designs or stripes. With a few hours and a little creativity, you can quickly and easily turn the kids room in your home into a magical, youthful escape.

Fun-size furniture

Adult-sized furniture can leave your child feeling like Goldilocks, so bring in some pint-sized pieces to make them believe the room is specially meant just for them. Even if your budget is tight, there are plenty of options for fun-size furniture available. Kids' chairs and tables are great additions to help them comfortably color, read books, do crafts and exercise their creativity. And there is no need to spend a fortune. Garage sales commonly offer kids furniture, which can easily be restored. Even if a find appears worn, a fresh coat of white paint and some bright chair cushions will instantly make it good-as-new — for a fraction of the price. Let kids help choose the furniture, fabrics and color to give them the feeling the space is their own and turn the restoration into a fun project.

Dreamland bedding

Making sure your little one has a cozy, restful space to sleep is important, and balancing comfort with creativity is easier and less costly than you might think. There are endless bedroom options to suit every style and age, and letting children choose bedding or a quilt cover they love can make their bedtime routine go more smoothly. Matching pillows can help create a cohesive look, and fun cushions or bright body pillows can help kids sit comfortably on the floor with a book or game. Whether they choose polka dots, bright patterns, cartoon images or solid white, a new design that's all their own will make bed and naptime something they may actually look forward to. Don't worry about matching the bedding to other decoration in the room - dreams are fun and unpredictable, so let your child's preference lead the way.


Crayons, and teddy bears, and games, oh my! Storing all of your child's precious belongings can be challenging, especially if the room is small. To avoid the “warzone” look, invest in a few storage options that will improve the look of your child's room while teaching him to clean up after himself. Closed cabinets and clear tubs are great for storing stuffed animals, craft items and action figures, while open bookshelves work well for books, games and puzzles. Open cubby systems are also a good way to teach young children organization skills while keeping their favorite toys easily accessible. Color-coded bins can help keep kids rooms bright and youthful while keeping their things off of the floor.

With a little time and minimal cost, you can help transform your child's room into the perfect place to learn, dream and play for years to come.


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(ARA) — As you anticipate what exciting things this year will bring, you might notice your home décor has been left behind. Fortunately, you can easily beautify and modernize your home using hints from design experts on the hottest color trends. Don't worry that you'll need to break the bank — simply updating the shades of your walls can create the feel of an entire new home without the cost of buying one — and you'll enjoy starting the year in fresh, contemporary surroundings.

“Our world has become increasingly complicated and fast-paced in recent years, to the point that many people are now taking steps back to re-evaluate their lifestyles and consider what's truly important,” says Donna Schroeder, Dutch Boy Paints manager of Color + Design. “As we look back to simpler times, we also see how design and style have evolved. Dutch Boy's 2012 color forecast is based on this reflection and the self-expression of what people find meaningful. This year's diverse color trends are rich and full of history, helping people create spaces that truly show their inner selves.”

Featuring five groupings of the hottest colors in home décor, the Dutch Boy color forecast offers options for any room or personal taste. The 2012 trends palettes are as follows:


Whether it's the search for enlightenment or just the best cup of organic coffee within 20 miles, the path is about more than the ground covered. The Ethereal collection floats above other color palettes, airy and atmospheric with tea-stained and faded hues evocative of the lightness of the sky under the midday sun. Light colors from this palette include Epidermal, Faded Mint and Feather Lite.


A meandering path through the forest takes us past colors only to be found in nature. Deep barks, shocking citrines and raw earth inspired the natural colors of this palette. The Primitive colors are as mysterious as the shaded canopy of the woods that inspired them. Suffused with energy, they speak to growth, regeneration and life. This natural palette includes Raw Garnet, Symbiotic Green and Indigenous Teal.


We've walked far away from the beige computer housings of the 1970s, only to find the hues from this budding technological era coming back full force. Retro office meets geek chic for a new take on '70s style, as seen in this grouping. The Fundamental color palette makes full use of classic, contrasting neutrals like beige and gray — designed to work as the perfect foil for bold main accents of green, orange and vibrant blue. Basic colors in the Fundamental palette include Ink Blue, Aged Cognac and Rudimentary Beige.


It's time for a road trip back in time to motels boasting refrigerated air, a gallon of gas that cost a dime and the game of miniature golf that was every family's obsession. The Pastimes color palette is filled with exuberant shades reminiscent of lazy summer days at a lake house without a television, or the intensity of the circus coming to town. It's American culture from the 1940s and '50s: a simpler time, an antidote to the fast-paced buzz and hum of modern technology. Bright Pastimes hues include Clown's Nose, Kiddie Pool and Orangesicle.


A street of dreams with a focus on soft femininity and vintage 1930s floral fashions are at the heart of the Compose color palette. Rich, dark hues are offset by bright pops of color that despite their origin in an earlier era, look fresh and new. This is a collection that worships the creative being in all of us, and encourages self-expression through home decorating. This inspired palette contains shades such as Purple Pencil Skirt, Lip Stain Pink and Theatrical Teal.

Choose any path to fit your home, whether it's a light, shimmery mint from the Ethereal palette, or a natural green from the Primitive palette. Using these cues from the color professionals, you can ensure your home enters 2012 in style.


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