Striped Accent Wall

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Dutch Boy® Platinum® Plus paint (2 colors)

Woven roller covers and roller frame

Angled paintbrush

Paint tray and liners

Painter's tape

Tape measure


Drop cloth

Clean, damp cloth



STEP 1: Wipe wall with the clean, damp cloth to prepare painting surface.

STEP 2: Lay down the drop cloth to protect floors; use Painter's tape to cover trim, molding, ceiling and any adjacent walls.

STEP 3: Apply paint just inside taped area with the angled brush, then paint remainder of the wall with the woven roller; remove Painter's tape while paint is still damp; allow paint to dry 24 hours.

STEP 4: Find the middle point of the wall and lightly mark 6 inches on either side with the pencil; from each of these marks, measure and mark 12-inch stripe intervals until you reach each corner of the wall.

STEP 5: Use the level and the pencil to lightly mark vertical lines the height of the wall.

STEP 6: Once stripes are drawn, starting at one end, place a small piece of tape inside every other stripe; the unmarked stripes are to be painted the accent color.

STEP 7: Affix Painter's tape along vertical lines, making sure the edge of the tape is positioned inside the marked stripes; apply pressure to tape to ensure a tight seal with wall.

STEP 8: Use the woven roller to paint between taped areas of unmarked stripes; roll as close to ceiling and trim as possible and fill in gaps with angled brush.

STEP 9: Remove the Painter's tape while paint is still damp; clean up any mistakes with the clean, damp cloth; allow paint to dry for 24 hours.

WALL: Garden Stone 437-2DB
Stripes: Steely Expression 435-6DB