Wall Clock Spotlight

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Dutch Boy® Platinum® Plus paint

Mini woven roller cover and roller frame

Mini tray

Painter's tape

Tape measure




Drop cloth

Clean, damp cloth

Clock kit

Metal house numbers (various styles)



STEP 1: Wipe wall with the clean, damp cloth to prepare painting surface.

STEP 2: Lay down the drop cloth to protect floors.

STEP 3: Determine diameter of circle; find the central point on the wall where you want to place the clock, and lightly mark with the pencil.

STEP 4: Cut a piece of string half the diameter of the circle.

STEP 5: Tie one end of string tightly around the pencil and secure the other end to the middle point on the wall with the thumbtack.

STEP 6: Starting at bottom and keeping string taut, lightly draw a circle by moving pencil clockwise until circle is complete.

STEP 7: Affix painter's tape to outside edge of the circle, using small strips of tape to create rounded edges; press tape firmly to wall to ensure a tight seal.

STEP 8: With the mini woven roller, paint inside the taped circle.

STEP 9: Remove tape while paint is still damp; clean up any mistakes with the clean, damp cloth; allow paint to dry, following suggested drying time on the can label.

STEP 10: Following clock kit instructions, mount motor and arms directly over center of circle.

STEP 11: Mount numbers just inside painted area, starting with numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9, and then mount the remainder, if desired, spacing evenly.

Wall: Creamed Vanilla 018W
Circle Accent: Sunlit Gold 218-4DB