Prime and paint the surfaces in this order:

Corner of interior ceiling, ceiling painted grey, walls painted navy, crown molding painted white.
1. Ceiling
Entryway of home with maroon French doors, white trim, pink walls, a console table with vases.
3. Doors
A lived-in kitchen with the floor painted light blue, yellow patterned area rug.
5. Floor, if painting
A woman applies light green paint to a white wall using a paint roller.
2. Walls
A woman’s hand applies white paint to the baseboard of an interior room using a paintbrush. Painter’s tape protects wall.
4. Trim, molding, windows, cabinets
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In general, think of painting the room from top to bottom. The project go much more quickly and smoothly and cleaning up accidental drips will be easier.

How To's

A hand applies putty to a damaged wall using a Purdy putty knife.
How To Repair
A woman uses a hand sander to sand and smooth drywall.
How To Sand
A woman uses her hand and a sponge to clean debris of remaining drywall residue.
How To Clean