Wrap yourself in restorative, softly restrained color for an overall sense of wellness. You matter most, and your surroundings are there to nurture and bring you peace of mind.


By scaling back on the intensity of your favorite colors – lilac, gray, green – your thoughts and interactions feel more authentic and take on a renewed sense of purpose.


Decorative white dishes act as wall art in a living room with mauve walls and a glass framed door.


Decorative Dishes

Put your prettiest plates on display to create memorable wall art. Feature a single color for a textured, tonal look or assorted colors and patterns for added allure.

Sunny bedroom with geometric pattern on one wall, large windows and a love seat.


Pattern Play

Create a visually rich pattern in place of a single-color accent wall. Try the free stencil and use two different sheens of the same hue or try two soft shades for a subtle statement.