Closet Dividers

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Dutch Boy® Platinum® Plus paint

Decorative wooden shelf brackets

Angled paintbrush

Flat paintbrush

Mini woven roller cover and roller frame

Mini trays

Painter's tape

Wood glue or all-purpose adhesive

Fine- to medium-grit sandpaper


Drop cloth

Clean, damp cloth



STEP 1: Wipe interior closet walls and shelving with clean, damp cloth to prepare painting surface.

STEP 2: Lay down the drop cloth to protect floors; affix painter's tape to baseboards, ceiling and any molding or trim.

STEP 3: Using the angled brush, apply paint just inside taped areas, then paint remaining area with the mini woven roller; use the angled brush to paint any built-in shelving and to fill in gaps.

STEP 4: Remove painter's tape while paint is still damp; allow paint to dry, following suggested drying time on paint can label.

STEP 5: Lightly sand any rough or glossy surfaces on the wooden shelf brackets; wipe with clean, damp cloth to remove dust or debris.

STEP 6: Use the flat brush to paint the brackets; allow paint to dry, following suggested drying time on the can label.

STEP 7: Determine the placement of each bracket; use the pencil to lightly mark each position on the shelf.

STEP 8: Apply wood glue to the edges of each bracket and adhere to the shelf; allow to dry completely.

Tip: For added stability, install finishing nails from underneath the shelf through each bracket to secure in place.

Closet: Dust Flats 414-1DB