Bookcase Dollhouse.

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Dutch Boy® Platinum® Plus paint

Cube-style storage unit (open-backed)

Angled paintbrush

Mini woven roller cover and roller frame

Mini trays

Painter's tape

Tape measure



Drop cloth

Clean, damp cloth



STEP 1: Wipe wall with clean, damp cloth to prepare painting surface.

STEP 2: Lay down the drop cloth to protect floors; affix painter's tape to baseboards.

STEP 3: Place storage unit against wall; using the pencil, lightly mark the wall along the top and sides of the storage unit; move storage unit away from wall.

STEP 4: Use the level and pencil to lightly draw the left, right and top outlines of the dollhouse.

STEP 5: Measure half the width between the right and left outlines to determine the middle of the top line; use this dimension and measure upward from the middle point of the top line to mark the peak of the roof.

STEP 6: Using the level and pencil, lightly connect the top left and right corners of the dollhouse to the roof peak to complete the outline of the roof.

STEP 7: Affix painter's tape to the outside of the dollhouse outline; apply pressure to tape to ensure a tight seal with the wall.

STEP 8: Using the angled brush, apply paint inside taped areas and then paint remaining area with the mini woven roller.

STEP 9: Remove painter's tape while paint is still damp; allow paint to dry, following suggested drying time on the can label.

STEP 10: Position storage unit over freshly painted area and let the fun begin!

WALL: Glitterberry 147-6DB
Dollhouse Shape: Daytime Sun 211-3DB