It's never been easier to go work.

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Mind your business

Transform your space in a weekend with these easy paint and home décor projects.Watch the video and find everything you need to complete your makeover below.

Colors that get the job done.

Consider one of these hand selected Dutch Boy office color combinations

Deep Marine 134-7DB
Neon Hippie 101-6DB
Great Aubergine! 346-7DB
Nice Nectarine 210-4DB
Craft Paper Brown 319-5DB
Creamed Vanilla 018W
Deepest Purple 445-7DB
Simplified White 020W
Gracious Gray 444-2DB
Minted Ice 130-2DB
Intrigued Ivory 214-1DB
Saving Beige 217-3DB
Mousey Tint 441-1DB
Pond Ice 426-1DB
Butterscotch Drop 214-4DB
Charcoal Brick 405-7DB
Pristine Pearl 021W
Hazelwood 415-2DB

Mind your business.

Walls: Saving Beige 217-3DB
Floor: Minted Ice 130-2DB
Accent: Intrigued Ivory 214-1DB
Trim: Ultra White 002W

Bring a little play into your space.


Think inside the box

Transform wall space into a designated workspace by painting a contrasting accent color that spotlights all your bright ideas.

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Stand your ground

Think of your floor as a fifth wall just waiting for fresh color. Use Dutch Boy Porch & Floor paint in a peaceful aqua to keep stress at bay.

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Update your space with these custom details.

Work off the grid

Put your DIY skills to the test with a desk station made of modular shelving cubes and a thick slab of butcher block.

Get the hang of it

Put a pegboard to work as a uniquely textured accent wall that holds file pockets and everyday tools of the trade.