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Step 1:

Wipe wall with the clean, damp cloth to prepare surface.

Step 2:

Lay down a drop cloth to protect floors.

Step 3: 

Cut a piece of string that equals one-half the length of the shelf plus 3 inches.

Step 4:

Determine position of circle by using the pencil to lightly mark the center, making sure to leave room for entire circle.

Step 5: 

Tie one end of the string tightly around the pencil and secure the other end to the center of the circle with a thumbtack.

Step 6:

Starting at the bottom and keeping string taut, lightly draw a circle by moving pencil clockwise until circle is complete.

Step 7: 

Affix painter's tape to outside edge of the circle, using small strips of tape to create rounded edges; press tape firmly to wall to ensure a tight seal.

Step 8:

With the mini woven roller, paint inside the taped circle.

Step 9: 

Remove painter's tape while paint is still damp; clean up any mistakes with the clean, damp cloth; allow paint to dry, following suggested drying time on the can label.

Step 10:

Sand shelf and wipe with the clean, damp cloth to remove dust or debris; with the flat brush, paint shelf the same color as the circle and allow paint to dry, following suggested drying time on the can label.

Step 11: 

Mount shelf in the circle, using the level to ensure that shelf is straight.

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