Dutch Boy® Unique Decorative Interior Finishes make decorative painting accessible to the do-it-yourselfer. Easy-to-use products such as Technique Glaze, Old World Plaster, Granite and Brushed Suede will transform your space into the sophisticated and unique room you desire. Choose from one of these simple, fun and affordable techniques to create the illusion of luxurious surfaces, intricate textures and rich materials for your walls.

Brushed Suede

Few fabrics on earth are as appealing and sensuous as hand-brushed suede. With its muted color variations and a finish that alternates between smooth burnish and subtle texture, it projects an aura of comfortable, lived-in luxury.

Color Washing

Its appealing weathered look and translucent crisscrossed patterns; color washing is well suited to a wide range of decorating styles, from classic to contemporary. The overall effect echoes decorative elements inspired by nature, such as grass cloth or jute, so any imperfections blend right in.


Imagine using the rough-hewn look of stone, with its contrasting light and dark highlights and naturally complex texture, to add elegance and importance to your home's décor. This striking, lightly pebbled wall finish adds impressive depth, texture and character to your walls.


Consider the linen technique to achieve a more light and airy texture that calms and simplifies any room. Linen is classy and crisp - the perfect final touch for any home.

Old World Plaster

Transform your space with Old World Plaster to achieve a distinctive aged look for your walls. It's an effective way to add warmth and character to a room.

Rag Rolling

Rag rolling can give your walls the soft look of burnished leather or the textured illusion of rustic stucco. Best of all, when complete, the pleasing results can be eye-catching.


Sponging is a simple, fun way to quickly cover large expanses of wall with subtle texture and depth. It creates a natural, mottled effect that adds a charming finish to your surface.