Multiple Purpose Primer

Multiple Purpose Primer

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Dutch Boy® Multi-Purpose Primer Sealer improves the look and durability of the topcoat and can be used on a variety of surfaces from bare drywall to previously painted walls and trim.

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  • Hides imperfections
  • Fast drying
  • Ensures a uniform and lasting topcoat
  • Soap and water cleanup

Size: Quart, Gallon

Warranty: Limited Warranty

Dry Time: 1 hr to touch, 4 hrs to recoat

Coverage: 400 sq. ft. / gallon, textured surfaces: 125-300 sq. ft. / gallon

Cleanup: Soap and Water

Recommended Applicators: Nylon/polyester brush, 3/8" - 3/4" synthetic roller cover or spray with airless, pressure: 2000 psi, Tip: .017 " - .021"

  • Primer Series