Dutch Boy® Ceiling Paint

Dutch Boy® Ceiling Paint

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Newly painted walls can make a ceiling look dull and dingy.  Dutch Boy® Ceiling Paint makes every room look fresh and bright.

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  • Makes every room look fresh and bright
  • Hides minor surface imperfections
  • Spatter resistant
  • Smooth and even application
  • Soap and water cleanup

Size: Quart, Gallon

Warranty: Limited Warranty

Dry Time: 4 hrs to recoat

Coverage: 400 sq. ft. / gallon, textured surfaces: 125-300 sq. ft. / gallon

Cleanup: Soap and Water

Recommended Applicators: High quality roller, nylon/polyester brush, paint pad, or spray unit

Interior ceilings. Use over wallboard, wood, concrete/brick, new plaster, acoustical tile, and wallpaper that is firmly bonded.

  • Ceiling Interior Paints Series