Painted Kitchen Island

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Dutch Boy® Cabinet, Door & Trim paint

Angled paintbrush

Mini woven roller cover and roller frame

Mini trays

Painter's tape


Drop cloth

Clean, damp cloth



STEP 1: Remove doors, drawers and cabinet hardware if necessary; wipe with clean, damp cloth.

Tip: If your island has doors and drawers, paint those separately.

STEP 2: Lay down the drop cloth to protect floors.

STEP 3: Affix painter's tape underneath the countertop.

STEP 4: Use the angled brush to paint hard-to-reach areas, then use the mini woven roller for the remaining areas.

STEP 5: Remove painter's tape while paint is still damp; allow paint to dry, following suggested drying time on the can label.

Optional: Add a second coat of paint for added durability.

STEP 6: Reattach doors, drawers and cabinet hardware if necessary.

WALL: Native Copper 208-4DB
Island and Trim: Antiquated Lace 017W
Cabinets: Comforting Neutral 440-6DB