Porch Divider

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Dutch Boy® exterior paint (2 colors)

Thin plywood panels

Flat paintbrush

Paint tray and liners

Fine- to medium-grit sandpaper

S Hooks

Ceiling hooks (screw eyes)

Clean, damp cloth



STEP 1: Determine the shape and number of the plywood panels needed and have them precut at your home improvement store.

STEP 2: Drill holes for the S Hooks at the top and bottom of panels, making sure the S Hooks will fit properly; the bottom panel of each column needs only one hole.

STEP 3: Prep panels by sanding edges smooth; wipe with the clean, damp cloth to remove dust or debris.

STEP 4: Paint both sides and edges of the panels using the flat brush; allow paint to dry, following suggested drying time on the can label.

STEP 5: Link wood panels together with S Hooks, ending with bottom panels; alternate colors throughout.

STEP 6: Hang each divider column from ceiling hooks.

Trim, Railing and Divider Panels: Zephyr Breeze 422-1DB
Siding and Divider Panels: Cypress Garden 424-4DB