Make new trends, but keep the old.

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Turn back the clock to an era of burnished golds and muted jewel tones for an unexpected color canvas that adds richness to any setting.

Complement warm wood tones and natural stone and brick with a palette that conjures up midcentury cool. Embrace a quirky design sensibility that looks as up-to-the-minute modern as it does authentically old school.

Watch the transformation.

"A treasured item can be a great inspirational starting point and can even inspire an entire color palette."

-Susan Wadden, Color Marketing Manager

Choose your own adventure

Mix and match any of these 16 colors to create a custom palette with Colors That Flow™ throughout your home. Discover your favorite combinations.

At the corner of modern and retro.

Wall: Wood Smoke 418-2DB
Trim: White 003W
Ceiling: Beluga Gray 430-1DB
Wall: Algae Bloom 221-6DB
Ceiling: Antiquated Lace 017W
Wall: Purple Beech 347-6DB
Hallway: Mineralized Jade 230-5DB
Bookcase and Ceiling: Antiquated Lace 017W

Make it new again.


Raise the bar

Mix modern-day functionality into a vintage bar cart by converting it into a mobile side table with extra storage.


Greatest hits

Create your own wall of fame with prized album covers framed simply and centered over painted blocks of color.