Let your home's character take center stage.

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Look at neutrals in a whole new light with a sophisticated palette of earthen grays and soft browns. As modern as they are timeless, these “classics with a twist” bring a harmonious sensibility to any room.

Often referred to as the architect's palette, cool neutrals let a room's architectural features take center stage while still bringing quiet personality to the walls.

Watch the transformation.

"Keeping your palette simple and muted helps to create a calm setting perfect for unwinding."

-Susan Wadden, Color Marketing Manager

Choose your own adventure

Mix and match any of these 16 colors to create a custom palette with Colors That Flow™ throughout your home. Discover your favorite combinations.

Muted colors that speak volumes.

Walls: Weatherworn Gray 437-3DB
Back Room: Grayed Pebble 441-3DB
Trim: White 003W
Ceiling: Mousey Tint 441-1DB
Upper Wall: Comfortable Gray 443-2DB
Lower Wall: Ironed Gray 436-4DB
Trim: White 003W
Ceiling: Mousey Tint 441-1DB
Walls: Sultry Gray 442-3DB
Ceiling: Mousey Tint 441-1DB
Cabinets and Trim: White 003W

Pure and simple.


One color wonders

Curate your own collection of pottery and plates in a single cohesive color. Display them grouped together for a striking and stylish statement.


Blank beauties

Add tonal texture and make a subtle design statement with assorted empty frames painted to match your wall color.