Let your traditional side spill over into your décor. Create intimate spaces with a feel-good palette that evokes a warm welcome, every time.

Classic midtone colors and soothing neutrals communicate a sense of order and allow family time to be the focal point. If home is where the heart is, this heartwarming palette is true devotion.

Watch the transformation.

"A great way to pick a room's palette is to consider who hangs out there and the activity that takes place in the space."

- Susan Wadden, Color Marketing Manager

Choose your own adventure

Mix and match any of these 16 colors to create a custom palette with Colors That Flow™ throughout your home. Discover your favorite combinations.

"Traditional" never goes out of style.

Walls: Greywood 423-3DB
Bookcase: Quiet Breeze 428-3DB
Upper Wall and Ceiling: Washed Cotton 014W
Walls: Monks Robe 405-5DB
Cabinets and Range Hood: Sugar Scrub 419-1DB
Ceiling: Washed Cotton 014W
Wall: Gayle's Rouge 304-7DB
Cabinets and Trim: Sugar Scrub 419-1DB
Ceiling: Washed Cotton 014W

Functional and artistic.


Artist in residence

Give your pint-size painters their own easy-to-update gallery space for hanging recent masterpieces using café clips and steel hanging wire.


Keep you posted

Give new purpose to reclaimed shutters by converting them into a stylish organizer for incoming and outgoing mail.